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Said to be one of the fastest growing jobs in the last couple of years, it is no wonder that there are a lot of people considering a career in dental assistance. High schools students and career shifters are heavily contemplating possibilities of starting a dental assistant education either online or in-campus – depending on their financial capability and current employment status. The good news is that there are various schools that offer dental assisting as one of their program courses enabling you to make this transition. Once schooling is completed your next focus should be certification to better improve your chances of gaining employment at a higher salary than those without formal training.

Top Five Dental Assistant Schools

Dental Assistant Schools

Typically, a course in a dental assisting school can be completed in a period of one-year, plus a few hundred hours of internship in a dental office. This earns a student a certificate or diploma in dental assistance. On the other hand, for more advanced and comprehensive courses, the associate’s degree in dental assisting is also available, which could lead to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree should the student decide to pursue further studies.

Everest College – From East Coast to West Coast, an Everest College campus offers students a wide range of programs to choose from. The program that the college offers is considered as one of the best because the school has actual dental laboratory-like setting that students are allowed to use and practice on. This is aside from the internship that a graduate is required to complete upon graduation. Another thing that sets this school apart from the others is that it offers online education, or distance learning, in dental assisting.

Sanford-Brown College – The school’s dental assisting program has three components: lecture, clinical, and externship. Part of the student training is focused in terminology, pathology, dental anatomy, dental instruments and machines, chairside assisting techniques, and dental office management. Sanford-Brown College campuses that offer this program include Texas and Illinois.

Lincoln Technical Institute – Lincoln Technical Institute has a competitive dental assisting program wherein students are trained in four-handed assisting, a technique in dentistry that allows both the dentist and assistant work simultaneously on a patient. Aside from this, students are also heavily educated on the following: pediatric dentistry, dental radiology, and orthodontics. Campuses that offer this program include those in Brockton, MA; Fern Park, FL; and, Lincoln, RI.

Remington College – Offers a diploma program that helps students succeed as a dental assistant. Taking cue from the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment projection of 36% growth for the field until 2018, Remington College emphasizes on dental care and chairside assisting procedures for students. The dental assistance program is available in the following college campuses: North Olmstead, OH; Ft. Worth, TX; Houston, TX; Webster, TX; and, Tampa, FL.

Kaplan Career Institute – The program focuses on a range of clinical or laboratory procedures that will prepare students as they start their dental assisting career. The good thing about the school is that it offers flexible class schedules, tutoring services, and most important of all, job placement assistance. Dental assistance program is offered in the following locations: Boston, MA; Broomall, PA; and Nashville, TN.

Program Curriculum

In general, dental assistant programs consist of classroom or lecture sessions, clinical or practical application of theories, and finally, internship with a practicing dentist. Although subject courses vary depending on the type of program a student is enrolled in, following are the common course subjects in a dental assistance program.

  • Dental Science Fundamentals
  • Dental Anatomy
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Clinical Chairside Techniques and Procedures
  • Anatomy (Head, Neck, and Oral)
  • Dental Radiology
  • Four-handed Dentistry
  • Dental Office Procedures
  • Preventive Dentistry and Nutrition
  • Orthodontics

Completion of the dental assistance program requires students to undergo about 200 hours worth of internship under a practicing dentist. This becomes part of the students’ learning experience prior to actual employment.

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